BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Event - May 9th 2020

Hot Bucket - A Kit by the 4-Wide LEGO Car - UnderGround (4WLC) Japan.  Designed by Tamotsu, built by Bruce Turgeon | Founder

Spaceship! - This one has five engines because the pilot likes to go FAST! 

by Carol Robinson | ToroLUG

Rap Battle Robots - Made from the parts in the loot bag from Bricks In The Six.

by Mark Richards | ToroLUG

Megatron - New look MG-06 LEGO Transformers Megatron by BWTMT Brickworks (now available on-line).

by Chris Roach | BWTMT Brickworks

Sharkticon Gnaw - Transformers Sharkticon Gnaw, transforms from chubby robotic shark to Robot.

by Chris Roach | BWTMT Brickworks

Quintessons - Quintessons first introduced in the 80s Transformers cartoon movie 

by Chris Roach | BWTMT Brickworks

Optimus Prime - Transformers Optimus Prime Ver OP-05b, transforms from Red flat nose truck to Autobot Leader.

by Chris Roach | BWTMT Brickworks

Mandalorian - Star Wars the Mandalorian with Baby Yoda.

by Chris Roach | BWTMT Brickworks

Commander Fordo - Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Commander Fordo.

by Chris Roach | BWTMT Brickworks

LEGO Classic Space Display - This is one of the largest Classic Space displays with multiple working monrails.  Check out his youtube video ...

by David Koudys | Ontario Brick Builders (OBB)

Mr. Frumple's Pickle Car - 4-wide LEGO car from the Richard Scary book series.

by Alistair Couthard | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Pencil Car - 6-wide LEGO car.

by William | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Apple Car - 6-wide LEGO car with doors the open.

by Alistair & William | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Busy Town - Complete with a Cars, a McDonalds and includes the use of a "BRICKAWESOME!!!" brick

by Alistair & William | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Exploration - An artistic shot for a Daily Challenge on Exploration. 

by Calum Tsang | ToroLUG

LEGO Friends Mining GBC - LEGO Friends ball mining operation GBC featuring a hamster bucket wheel excavator, a train hopper loader, a rotary dumper, elevated train tracks, etc. The Great Ball Contraption is powered with LEGO Powered UP and LEGO Power Functions.

by Jeff Lee | ToroLUG

Normandy Landing Scene - Higgins Boat and Normandy Landing Scene.

by Alistair & William | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Normandy Landing Scene by Alistair & William | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Drive in Movie Theatre


E1 Town


Time Machine




Dancing Robot video - Featuring the Iron Giant


Elliotville Village

by Elliot | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Super-Awesome Jet

by Elliot | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Train Station

by Dusko Dejanovic | ToroLUG

Pirate Island

by Dusko Dejanovic | ToroLUG

Winter Scene

by Dusko Dejanovic | ToroLUG

Rotisserie Chicken

by Dusko | ToroLUG

Flower Festival - Daily Challenge

by Sean Jensen | ToroLUG

Tower Build

by ToroLUG Members

For the LEGO Ideas Tower Game

Left Side:

Castle Fight by Jamie G

Recording Studio by Calum T

No TV by Levi P

Right Side:

Hidden Side by Mark R

Food Fight by Mark R

Netflix by Mike O