BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Event - May 9th 2020


A-Z Cubes - ToroLUG Collaboration of cubes representing different letters of the alphabet based on Toronto.

A - Aquarium - Karen
B - Bautista Bat Flip - Claire
C - Canada Goose - Carol
F - Ferry - Calum
G - Go Train
J - Junction - LEVI
L - Leafs - Mike
N - Nathan Philips Square - LEVI
O - OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design) - Calum
P - Pests (Racoon) - Karen
Q - Queen's Park - Vivian
S - Streetcar - Karen
T - TD Bank Towers - Calum
U - Union Station - Levi
V - Viaduct - Doug D
W -White Squirrel - Karen
X - The X - Levi
Y - YYZ - Mike
Z - Zoo - Jeff

Calling all BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Club Members to submit pictures of their latest LEGO Creations. 

Entry Deadline - Sunday May 3rd 2020

Outdoor Adventure - Built on two 48x48 baseplates and includes LEGO Sets: Kayak Adventure (#60240), Pickup & Caravan (#60182) and Outback Cabin (#31098)

by Peter Hayward | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Giant City Bot Metroplex! - Standing at almost 3 feet tall it is unofficial the largest functioning LEGO Transformer in the world.

by Chris Roach | BWTMT Brickworks

Spiderman, Venom and Hulk - Custom CCBS scale buildable figure superheroes.

by Chris Roach | BWTMT Brickworks

MUSEUM - "We hope you enjoy the historically accurate cavemen with a computer."

by McLachlan Family | BRICKAWESOME!!!

X-23 and Old Man Logan

by C. McLachlan (Age 8) | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Sandman Winning Sandcastle Contest

by Brian McLachlan | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Falconridge Keep - Annual Tournament.  The yearly tournament brings the finest warriors from all the land to prove their skills to the delight of the crowd.

by Jamie Greenhalgh | ToroLUG

Bombardier CSeries, Douglas DC-3 & Airport Model with Boeing 777

by Calum Tsang | ToroLUG

“The Extinction is Delayed” - A handful of dinosaurs have survived tens of thousands of years and are terrorizing the people of Lego City.  You’ll see a couple of raptors and also their ally, Sammy the Sabretooth.  Sammy is over the wall, chasing down a human.  In another corner, a scout plane has crashed (some flames next to it) and the brave pilot is receiving first aid.  The humans are doing everything they can to keep the dinos out, using a variety of weapons and even trying some pole vaulting!  Only time will tell if THEIR extinction has been delayed!


by Breckett C. (age 9) | BRICKAWESOME!!!

Mechanic Shop, Gas Station, Black 4-wide Car, & 6-wide Truck

by Matteus Oliveira | BRICKAWESOME!!!