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The Little Brick Show

Oct 4 2020

The Little Brick Show.jpg

Join us in Kitchener at BTLG Bricks (Brad The Lego Dad) The Little Brick Show.  Bingeman Conference Centre, 425 Bingeman Centre Dr., Kitchener. 

Hot Minifig Rides

May 4-5 2020


Check out this awesome Hot Minifig Rides event in Japan that is focused on 4-wide LEGO Cars (4WLC).  BRICKAWESOME!!! has entered a few cars for the third year in a row.  Click on the link to find out more!

Register your 4WLC at this years BRICKAWESOME!!! events and you could win a chance to represent Canada, sponsored by BRICKAWESOME!!!, at next years Hot Minifig Rides in Japan!

Georgian College Auto Show

June 5-7 2020

Georgain College Autoshow - June 1 2019.

This will be our 2nd year participating in the Georgian College Auto Show.  We will have over 100 LEGO Cars on display plus our LEGO LeMans Game!  Maybe some RC LEGO Cars too!  Also, check out all the real cars AND we will be next to RC Cars & Hot Wheels.

Bricks in the Six

July 25/26 2020


Join us at the 2nd Annual Bricks in the Six.  Brought to you by Brick Assembly and introducing Canada's Largest LEGO Fan Convention.  This event was created by ToroLUG members but will include LEGO enthusiasts from many other LEGO Clubs as well.  Contact BRICKAWESOME!!! for advanced tickets/discounts

Barrie Fair

August 27-30 2020

Join us at the Barrie Fair this year.  We will be their Saturday afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 PM.  Have fun playing LEGO Games and building LEGO in the LEGO Sandbox.  Also, there will be an exclusive Speed Build available for $5 each and Exclusive Poster for $10 while quantities last!


GTA Train Show

TBD 2020


This will be the third year that ToroLUG will be displaying a LEGO Train setup at the annual GTA Train Show.  BRICKAWESOME!!! will be there again adding LEGO Cars to this awesome display.  I'm also working on some buildings for the setup.

Comic Con

TBD 2020


Barrie Downtown Public Library 5th Annual Comic Con.  Drop by and have some LEGO fun too!  Also check out the costumes, vendors, artists and more ...





We are now on (follow the Meetup link on the Welcome page or look for "BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Club").  This will track all Events.  Not sure when the next Event is ... go to or install the app.  These Family friendly Events welcome Existing and New Members.

Types of Events

There are Annual Events and Promotional Events. 


Promotional Events take place in just a couple of hours, include a few tables of LEGO Displays, LEGO Games, LEGO Sandbox, Encourage local participation, Show & Tell, Local LEGO Displays, are located at free venues, and these Events are no charge.  The purpose is to bring together BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Club members on a more regular basis and to encourage new members to join.  These Events are open to the Public.

Annual Events are our grand finale for the year.  These are larger full day Events and include about 2000sqft of LEGO Displays, LEGO Games, LEGO Sandbox, Encourage local participation, Local LEGO Displays, are located at venues that we have to pay for, and these Events will cost a small amount of money to enter.  These Events also include LEGO Vendors, Speed Builds, Giveaways, Prizes, Lucky Draws, and Awards.  The purpose is to bring together Professional LEGO Builders/Groups (such as ToroLUG & Ontario Brick Builders (OBB) in a setting that is open to the Public.

Promotional Events

Can't wait for the next BRICKAWESOME!!! Annual Event ... We will be hosting regular Promotional Events.  These Events will feature some displays, LEGO Play, and Show & Tell.  Bring your latest LEGO Creation!  These events are no charge.  In 2018 we participated in Canada Day.  Let us know if you have would like to help and suggest other locations.


Alliston Library - Quarterly Starting October 20, 2018

from 1:00 to 3:00PM (Next Jan 19 2019)

Richmond Hill - TBD 2019

Barrie Library Downtown - March 9 & May 4 2019

Barrie Library Painswick - February 9, March 9 & May 4 2019

Annual Event


We hosted our 1st Annual Event at the Red Pine Inn on August 25th 2018 and 2nd Annual Event at the Holiday Inn Barrie Hotel & Conference Center on October 26th 2019.


The 3nd Annual Event will be on May 9th 2020 at The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 375, 233 Centre St E, Richmond Hill. 



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