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We are always looking for people of all ages and skill levels who are looking to get more involved in the BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Club.  What to do more ... here is what you can do.

1.  Suggest an activity for our members like a collaborative (collab) LEGO Build.  A collab is where a few people get together to build something as a group.  ToroLUG does a number of collabs like the Winter Village, UniKitty, and Nursery Rhymes that we have had at previous events.


<AWESOME TOWN>  Our 1st collaborative build is AWESOME TOWN (see link on top of page menu bar).  Inspired by Alliston, home of the "Everything is Awesome!!!" song, we are featuring LEGO vignettes of local business, attractions, etc.  See how you can participate.  All ages and skill levels welcome.

<LEGO SKETCHES> Check out LEGO's latest product, "LEGO Sketches".  Use this as inspiration to make your very

own LEGO Sketch of your favorite character.  We can group them all together in an ultimate LEGO Sketch Display!

Use any 12x16 stud LEGO canvas to build yours today.

<Under the Sea - Tropical Fish> We have been building some Mini-Fish ... let's put them together in a collaborative

display.  I'm going to create an "under the sea" wall to mount our fish on.  Check out my miniature mockup. 

<GTA Train Show>  I'm providing LEGO Cars & Building Scenery on 32x32 stud plates.  Experienced builders welcome.

<ToroLUG CASTLE COLAB>  I'm participating in a ToroLUG Colab to build a huge castle.  Experienced builders welcome to join me.  Guidance & Instruction provided by ToroLUG co-ordinator.

2.  Show & Tell.  Build something out of LEGO and bring it to one of our Events.  Library Events, Special Events or our Annual Event.  Your builds are always welcome!

3.  Build a LEGO Car.  I focus on 6-wide LEGO Cars but I'm also a part of the 4WLC-UG that competes yearly for the best 4-wide LEGO Car.  This is a LEGO Club in Japan which I participate in and you can too.  I also run a yearly Top LEGO Car Designer Awards for 4-wide, 6-wide, 7-wide, and 8-wide LEGO Cars.

4.  Create something that we can use as a Speed Build.  Include around 20 LEGO blocks in your design as I have to be able to order the parts for less than $5 a build.  If I choose your design, you will get a prize.

5.  Build a LEGO Dragster and compete and win prizes.  Be the fastest down the Drag Strip using LEGO motors.  Car's are limited to a maximum of 6-wide.  See Drag Racing for details ...

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