2020 BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Car Designer Awards!

Do you have what it takes to be a Top International LEGO Car Designer?  I will be running our 2020 contest in the fall.  Send your entries to Marcus Firegone on Instagram and/or use the hash tag #LEGOcardesigner or specific categories: #LEGOcar4w, #LEGOcar5w, #LEGOcar6w, #LEGOcar7w, and #LEGOcar8w.

Trophies for ...

Best in Show 4-wide (considering 5-wide as well)

Best in Show 6-wide

Best in Show 8-wide (or 7-wide)

Best in Show Modified LEGO City Car

Best in Show Modified Speed Champion

Top 4-wide LEGO Car Designer (considering 5-wide)

Top 6-wide LEGO Car Designer

Top 8-wide LEGO Car Designer (can include 7-wide builds)

All builds/MOCs must be your own.  Only photos of your build are required.  For Top Designers I require a minimum of 5 builds in your width class.

Cars are judged on their Sports Car appeal and their capability to transport a Minifig.  We are looking for the ultimate #Minifigride.

LEGO Ferrari in photo is by @McBrickster, winner of 2019 Best in Show 6-wide.