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2020 BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Event - May 9

21 Awards:

- Best in Show - LEGO Remembrance Day themed for Local & AFOL

- Best in Show - LEGO Military Item for Local & AFOL
- Best in Show - LEGO MARVEL Display for Local & AFOL
- Best in Show - LEGO Anime for Local & AFOL
- Best in Show - LEGO Car for Local & AFOL
- Best in Show - LEGO Train for Local & AFOL
- Best in Show - LEGO Spaceship for Local & AFOL
- Best in Show - Creative Build for Local & AFOL
- Best in Show - Popular Build for Local & AFOL
- Best in Show - Wild Card for Local & AFOL
- Plus AFOL Alternative Build Contest (Live @ BRICKAWESOME!!! May Event)
For details see:  ACTIVITIES & PRIZES
PLUS ... Enter the DRAG RACE Event ... click here for details ...

Registration Deadline:  April 26th 2020   

Awards Announcement:  Live @ BRICKAWESOME!!! October Event


Submission Type:  Registered Display at BRICKAWESOME!!! May Event

Register or ask questions at:



The 2020 BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Car Design Awards


8 Award Categories:

- Best in Show 4-Wide Car

- Best in Show 6-Wide Car

- Best in Show 8-Wide Car

- Best in Show Modified LEGO CITY Car

- Best in Show Modified LEGO Speed Champion

- Top 4-Wide LEGO Car Designer

- Top 6-Wide LEGO Car Designer

- Top 8-Wide LEGO Car Designer

Submission Deadline:  October 2nd 2020   

Awards Announcement:  November 1st 2020 Judging:  Panel of 6 International Judges

Submission Type:  On-line (photos)

Register or ask questions at:


2020 PenTASTIC Writers

A collection of submitted Short Stories by Junior Authors are selected and printed in a booklet.  Selected Short Story Authors receive one free booklet in December 2019.

Submission Deadline:  November 1st 2020   

Story Printing:  December 2020

Judging:  BRICKAWESOME!!!, Peter & Leslie Luscombe & TBD

Submission Type:  On-line (e-mail)

(Register using the PenTASTIC link above)

Social Media #BRICKAWESOME!!!

Take a picture and post it on social media with the hashtag #BRICKAWESOME!!! for a chance to win prizes.  Include an official BRICKAWESOME!!! branded product in your photo, like a BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Block, Trophy, Poster or Sign.  Or take a picture of your creation at one of our many events, like Meetups & Shows.  Each year prizes will be awarded.

Speed Build, Trophy & Collectible Designs

Submit a LEGO Design idea for a Speed Build, Trophy or Collectible.  If BRICKAWESOME!!! decides to use your design you will get a prize.  We are always looking for new ideas!  The Speed Build is something that could be built out of LEGO without instructions that we could use at our Speed Build events.  The cost of the LEGO needs to be less than $5.  So you are looking at around 20 LEGO blocks each.  Collectibles could be larger than a Speed Build.   Something that we could sell at our LEGO Events.  E-mail your ideas to

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