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The ultimate hobby of building and launching your very own rocket is catching on world wide.  How many times have you been told that what you are doing is not rocket science, well this is rocket science and an excellent applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) related activity.

Interested in joining the Alliston Rocketry Club?  Contact us for more details.  We look forward to hearing form you.  We are still in the process of establishing this club, so experienced Rocketeers welcome.  Information about other Rocketry Clubs in the Alliston, Barrie or Toronto GTA is also welcome.  I was inspired by the movie "October Sky" and a recent article "Why Does Presidio Have One of the Best High School Rocketry Clubs in the Country?" by the TexasMonthly.  This article was about a High School Rocketry program where students launched rockets 856 feet into the sky and landed them within 43 to 46 seconds, all while keeping eggs enclosed in the capsule intact.

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