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Join us May 9th 2020 for the 3rd Annual BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Event

                                   This year we are supporting The Royal Canadian

                                   Legion.  The cost for the venue is going towards

                                   the The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 375 in

                                   Richmond Hill.  Stay tuned, as this may be a Virtual

                                   Zoom Event!


Ticket Prices at the Door


Virtual Event:                                                            FREE

Per Person (age 4 & up):                                          $5.00

                                                                                  Adults accompanying children (age 4 & up) are Free

                                                                                  Children 3 & under are FREE and are not recommended for LEGO Play

                                                                                  Children must be accompanied by an Adult at all times.

                                                                                  Each $5 entrance also includes a free guess at the quantity of LEGO Blocks in the LEGO Jar.

                                                                                  Closest guess gets to take home the LEGO Jar.


Additional Items for Sale:


Speed Build* Ticket:                                                  $5.00 each**

5 Speed Build* Tickets:                                             $20.00 (save $5)**

Lucky Draw* Tickets:                                                $5.00 each

Lucky Draw* Tickets x5:                                           $10.00 ($2/ticket)

Lucky Draw* Tickets x20:                                         $20.00 ($1/ticket)

Previous Collectible Speed Builds:                           $5 each**

Collectible BRICKAWESOME!!! Posters:                 $10 each**

Collectible Minifigs:                                                   $5 each**

Adult Speed Build Ticket:                                          $10 each**

Note**   Limited quantity of Speed Builds and Posters available.

BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Club Members (Standard):        

Per Child (age 4 & up):                                             $5.00 (includes 1x Speed Build* - value $5 & $1 donation to Sick Kids)

                                                                                  Accompanying Adults and Children 4 & under are Free

4 Additional Speed Build* Tickets:                            $15.00 (save $5, value $25)

Register to display LEGO                                         $5.00

(after Sept. 1 and before Oct. 26 2019)

Advanced Ticket Sales (BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Club Members Only: Build - Play - Display)

- Before October 12th 2019

- Standard display area is 1.5' x 1' (additional space can be provided upon request)


Member Display Package (Display):

Per Displaying Member:                                           $10.00 (includes $1 donation to Sick Kids)

Lanyard:                                                                    free (value $5)

Display area:                                                             free (value $10)

Family Access:                                                          free

Speed Build* x1                                                        free (value $5)

VIP Member Display Package (VIP Display):

Per Displaying Member:                                            $20.00 (includes $1 donation to Sick Kids)

Display Tent Card:                                                     free

Lanyard:                                                                     free (value $5)

Display area:                                                              free (value $10)

Family Access:                                                           free

Collector 2019 BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Block:    free (value $2)

Speed Build* x5  (all 5 Speed Builds)                        free (value $25)

Adult Speed Build (Parents):

Advanced Ticket - Event 1:00PM Oct 26:                  $5.00 (value $10)

(Each participant builds a LEGO Kit with instructions, keep the build and the quickest builder wins a Minifig, value of $5, too!)


Speed Builds, there will be 5 unique LEGO Speed Builds during the day (10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30 & 2:30) plus one adult Speed Build (1:00) for parents.  Each participant gets to keep their own build valued at $5 each (All 5 Speed Builds are worth $25).  The Adult Speed Build is worth $10 each.

Lucky Draw, there will be 1 draw at the end of the day around 3:00pm for various prizes.

For Advanced Tickets, e-mail detailed request to register your display and e-Transfer payment to

Vendors (Limited Space Available)

1 Table = 50 points**

2 Tables = 150 points**

3 Tables = 250 points**

Vendors qualify for a discount based on their 2018 participation


Sponsor = 50 points**

Silver Sponsor = 200 points**

Gold Sponsor = 1000 points**

Platinum Sponsor = 2000 points**

Event Sponsor = 10000 points**


$1 = 2 points, or donation for draw prizes etc. value = 1 point

The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch
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