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Hot Minifig Rides - 2019

BRICKAWESOME!!! participated in the 4WLC-UG (4-Wide LEGO Car - UnderGround) Hot Minifig Rides event again this year with two newly designed LEGO Cars. The cars are mailed to Japan for the show and then mailed back. It is a lot of fun to participate in this event. They have a lot of other contests too. Like Drag Racing, Remote Control Drifting, Car Hopping, Remote Control Monster Trucks and more ... all with LEGO cars!

I'm the North American representative for the 4WLC-UG and if you are interested, I can help you to participate in this event as well. We can saving mailing costs by combining our shipments. Reach out to BRICKAWESOME!!! if you have any questions.

Above is on of my 2019 entries ... "Yuri on Ice" LEGO Car.

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