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Hot Minifig Rides 2018

As a member of the 4WLC-UG (4-Wide LEGO Car - UnderGround), BRICKAWESOME!!! participated in the May 4-5, 2018 event in Japan. LEGO Entries were mailed to Japan for the event and afterwords, the 4WLC-UG loaned some of their LEGO cars for our August Event in Alliston. Some great international collaboration.

BRICKAWESOME!!!'s very own Marcus Firegone was invited to represent CANADA in the Worlds largest LEGO Car Show in Gunma, Japan.

Over 400 LEGO Cars were featured at this years event that included some amazing displays, dazzling light effects, GoPro video footage, LEGO car contests, prizes, and of course many awesome LEGO cars.

Build your own 4-wide LEGO car and register it for BRICKAWESOME!!!'s Lego Fan Event in August.  You too could be selected to represent CANADA at next years Hot Minifig Rides Event in Japan!

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