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Alliston Public Library - Meetup

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

This was our 1st scheduled Meetup using  All future LEGO Events will be scheduled using Meetup ... so join today! 

We had a fabulous Event.  We had seven 8' tables setup with LEGO.  I setup 87 LEGO Cars and we were able to reach 100 LEGO Cars in total with LEGO Cars brought in by BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Club Members and a few that were created out of the LEGO Sandbox.

We are working on more Meetups in more locations so stay tuned.  The next Meetup for the Alliston Public Library is Saturday January 19 2019.  The theme for that meetup is Planes and Spaceships!  But bring any work in progress for show & tell.

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