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LEGO Fish Mini Build (40246)

From your own supply of LEGO, build a (40246) LEGO Fish Mini Build.  See "Mini Fish Instructions" for build instructions.  You may change the design and use different coloured blocks.  See what you can build out of what you have on had.  LEGO Minifig Prizes for the "Best in Show Mini Fish".  Have your very own "Mini Fish" built and ready to show at the Virtual Event on May 9th.
*NOTE:  LEGO Set Build is just that, build a standard LEGO Set and display it at the show.  A Customized LEGO set Build is where you build a standard LEGO Set and modify it in some way.  Re-Bricked is taking a standard LEGO Set and building it in a different colour (i.e.: make a red dragon blue).  Alternative builds is where you take all the blocks from a standard LEGO Set and build something different with it.  Original Creative Build is where you build something new out of LEGO that is your own design.  All entries/displays must be preregistered and approved in advance by contacting BRICKAWESOME!!!  Contact BRICKAWESOME!!! if you have any questions.
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