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Virtual Annual Event - May 9th 2020

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3rd Annual Event - Virtual LEGO Displays, Vendors, Activities, Awards/Prizes

This Event is going to be virtual and will be hosted on Webex.  You need to get ready ahead of the Event if you want to fully participate and join in on the fun!

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LEGO Display 2.JPG
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LEGO Speed Builds.JPG

Submit your Virtual LEGO Creation no later than Sunday May 3rd and check out the other entries in the "Virtual Entries" above.  Don't forget to send us a Picture and/or Video of your LEGO Creation.  Participation is FREE.

During the Event we may ask you to do a Show & Tell on your LEGO Creation.  There are 10 Trophies for Kids and 10 Trophies for Adults in various categories.  See "Activities & Prizes" for details.

Also build your very own Mini Fish for Show & Tell during the Event.  The "Best in Show Mini Fish" will receive a LEGO Minifig Award.  See "Activities & Prizes" for details and "Mini Fish Instructions" for the building instructions.

Join in on the Speed Builds by purchasing a LEGO Set directly from LEGO.  There is two levels, Beginner and Advanced.  See "Activities & Prizes" for details.  Make sure to order yours in advance so that you are ready for the Event.  If you need help, let me know, I can order it for you.

Check out "Event Schedule" for more details on the Event scheduling.  Check back as information may change and/or be updated.

The Event is also listed on Meetup.

* All Trophies & Prizes will be mailed to the winners.

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